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John Bishop
Short Films


RED TOP SNUFF (shot 1975, edited 1999) (8:43) (co-produced with Barbara Ayres; Noah Bishop editor) Ben Pearson’s family has been milling on the Parker River in Massachusetts since colonial times and began grinding snuff when the industrial revolution brought textile mills to the Merrimack Valley. The Byfield Snuff Company continued making snuff until 1990 and its most popular product was called Red Top.

YOYO MAN (1978) (12:03) (co-produced with Naomi Bishop; Barbara Rahm folklorist; Paul Deason sound) A portrait of one of the Duncan Yoyo Company’s original yoyo demonstrators, Nemo Concepcion.

CHOOSE LIFE (1982) (9:18) (co-produced with Robbie Leppzer; Josh Kanan & Judy Carp sound) On June 12th more than one million people marched in New York for a nuclear freeze.

HAND PLAY (1985) (6:21) (co-produced with Naomi Bishop; John Terry sound)
Nathan Kostoulakos demonstrates minkeys and lurmeys.

THE DALAI LAMA’S BIRTHDAY (2000) (5:23) (Noah Bishop sound)
His Holiness was not present, but his birthday was well celebrated at the Boudhanath stupa in the Kathmandu Valley.


SHOPPING FOR AN OFFERING (1995) (11:30) (John Terry sound; Noah Bishop assistant camera) Cambodian dancers make an offering to their patron deities and teachers before a performance. Shot during production of the DVD Cambodian Court Dance: The Next Generation, this film follows dancers in Phnom Penh and Arlington, Virginia as they prepare for these ceremonies.

INDULGENCE AT LA CUEVA (1975) (3:24) (co-produced with Don Symons)
While filming Rhesus Play in Puerto Rico, we often took a shortcut through the mangroves to the other side of the island.

GAISHAY RETURNS TO !ao#’a (shot 1989, edited 2006) (5:18) (Peter Baker sound) An incidental event shot in Namibia for John Marshall while filming his epic, A Kalahari Family.

EVERYONE IS DOWN ON ME (1975) (2:52) (Ray Melcher camera) Bob Jefferey, a blues player from San Diego, performing at the California Heartland presentation at the 1975 Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife.


TANGO IN THE TOILET (1998) (3:01) (co-produced with Jo Parkes) A site-specific dance performance choreographed by Victoria Marks for a concert in the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures.

AT THE EDGE (1999) (5:53) (produced by Sharon Kinney) Sharon Kinney’s dance for the camera performed by Jennifer Lafferty with music by David Karagianis.

RAINY NIGHT IN BURBANK (shot 1992, edited 2004) (5:04) (co-produced with Barbara Rahm) Kuma Hula Kunewa Mook rehearsing with Hula Halau O’ Kamuela Elua.

PRETTY POLLY (2007) (6:08) (produced by Raige Pierson; Ally Voye editor; Esther Baker-Tarpaga choreographer) A music video for Raige Pierson’s arrangement and performance of the classic American murder ballad, Pretty Polly.