Jetsum Milarepa sang fondly of Yolmo when he meditated in the Tiger Cave Lion Fortress (Ta-Puk-Senge-Dzong) in the 11th century.

This is a delightful place, a place of hills and forests.
In the mountain meadows, flowers bloom;
In the woods dance the swaying trees!
For monkeys it is a playground.
Birds sing tunefully
Bees fly and buzz,
And from day until night the rainbows come and go.
In the summer and winter falls the sweet rain,
And mist and fog roll up in fall and spring.
At such a pleasant place, in solitude,
I, Milarepa, happily abide
Meditating on the void-illuminating Mind.

from The Song of a Yogi's Joy
in The 100,000 Songs of Milarepa
translated by Garma C. C. Chang

The cave is a few hours walk across the river and down the valley from Melemchi, and you can see it from parts of the village. When I first visited in 1971, it was nothing more than a shelter beside a trail. When I returned in 1989, the statute had been sealed in, and a gompa was under construction beside the refuge. In 2000, a guest house and plaza had been added. One day I will post some photographs, and another I will post my own appreciation of the Yogi poet. But for now, here are some links to sites that have stories and images about this remarkable saint.

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